About Us

Welcome to Wawkins IELTS masterclass. We are a group of professional IELTS tutors who have overtime proven to be excellent in teaching people how to pass the daunting exam.

We currently offer a month one-on-one IELTS tutorial on IELTS Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading modules.

What we offer

1. A tutorial session on the scope of IELTS writing. The nitty-gritty of Task 1 and Task 2 essays will be taught, and necessary study materials will be sent to our clients.

2. We will Proofread our clients’ essays. Corrections will be sent to our client’s private message box as voice notes and edited versions of the client’s essay. Each essay will be given a score, critically dissected, and updates will be sent to help our clients to enable them to understand the concept.

3. Wawkins methods on how to soften the pedals of IELTS Listening, Reading and Speaking modules will be taught.

4. We will dish out the secrets of why people fail the IELTS exam; the myth; the hoax and the truth.

5. We will share Wawkins IELTS Masterclass slides and videos with our subscribers.

6. We will offer holistic support and customer care service to our clients during the agreed period.

7. We will also help our clients with the process of registering with the exam.

When do we accept new clients?

We accept new clients during the first 1 week of every month. After this period of registration, we won’t accept new clients until the following month.

Lecturing Platforms

1. WhatsApp Group Tutorial
2. Personal WhatsApp Lectures
3. Calls
4. Video Calls
5. Zoom  Webinars